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i went to a tmbg concert yesterday

this suddenly got really long while i was typing it so i'm putting it under a ~cut~

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nice good good nice

sometime, i do not remember the exact time, some person (so many indefinite adjectives today) was trying on someone else's shoes. they did not quite fit properly, because the person had larger feet than the feet the shoes were intended to protect from the elements. to rectify the situation, i suggested we shave off a bit of the heel to get it just right, but no one understood the reference i was making.

no one said "ew, why would you say that" either, so i did not get the chance to explain what i was talking about.

did you know that in into the woods (IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM AWARE THAT THE CUTTING OF THE HEEL REFERS TO THE ORIGINAL GRIMM BROTHERS CINDERELLA, AND NOT INTO THE WOODS. I AM MERELY BEING TANGENTIAL) the baker and his wife are actually a part of the original story of "rapunzel"? a lot of people (including Wikipedia) think that that part was entirely made up for the musical, apparently. but rapunzel was indeed the spawn of a baker, and if i'm not mistaken she had a brother.


psa (without guitars)

I do not use Live Journal!


Even though he has an annoyingly round, thin face and his nose is weird and his hair was too short DAVID BYRNE IS MY HERO.
Old David Bryne: It's cold in here, don't you think? Well, I don't think you have a very good voice, but you're a singer. How do you do that?
David Byrne: The better the singer's voice, the harder it is to believe what they're saying.
Old David Byrne: Do you do drugs?
David Bryne: I'll tell you later.

Enough said.

In other news, I fell out of a tree the other day! It was only from about seven feet and I was only writhing in pain for a few minutes, so no one really cared. But it doesn't hurt as much today, so that's cool. My thumb hurts again, though, because I play bass in such a manner that my thumb is blistered in three places, and I was playing bass today. And now I'm listening to Talking Heads so much that one would think TMBG doesn't exist.

(two entries in one month? this is progress, no?)

I like records

Hi there, livejournal.

So my phonograph is old or whatever and the belt fell off and my mom was all "I CAN'T FIX THIS" so that was that, and it's just been sitting around for like a two months. And then I brought it up yesterday for some reason and my dad was all "oh I'll put the belt back on" and IT WORKED. And then he showed me how to put it on and now I'm listening to "More Songs About Buildings and Food" and while my dad was fixing the other player that is super old that we have I played side B of crane and he was all "no, turn this off" and I'll Sink Manhattan came on and I was explaining what it was about and he thought it was kind of funny. TMBG ACCEPTANCE. YES.


I just got some new chucks!

I am so happy la la la la. A few days ago I was looking at my old green high tops, which I got because I saw "Hairspray" in Atlantic City and I thought Seaweed was awesome, etc. etc. and they are really battered and scratched and such, so I was like "oh, I want a new pair of converse" and yesterday we went to out local converse store (because they have those...?) and they were on sale or something. So now I have four pairs, the sliver ones I wear to social functions, the green ones which I am going to draw on, the red ones that I got because John has them, and the purple ones, which are just generally great.

have you seen Google today? It's pretty incredible.

In other news, because something tmbg related should be here, Fairfield, CT: IT'S HAPPENING.




In all the excitement, I've forgotten about live journal!
That isn't true. I've been checking the tmbg communities and friends entries, a little. cough. very actively. I just don't have anything interesting to say. I mean, I've thought about posting things before, but they're super-boring things like the kind of bread I eat (WHOLE WHEAT FTW) so I'm gonna save that for tumblr.
Um, another TMBG show in October. So that'll make 4? I think? Ant has been to more shows than I have and he lives in OREGON. OREGON. Though I guess he's had more time.
Oh, you know what? I bought a Talking Heads record. At the antique store in Asbury Park (haha that reminds me of a certain person. you know who you are). So I was talking to the cash register guy (who seemed like some old creepy guy at first, and kind of was, but he was nice, too) about David Byrne and how I liked Talking Heads and being all impressive with my knowledge of David Byrne (I read one of his books, it was called "Bicycle Diaries," excellent book) and my mom brought up the TMBG poster we saw and then I was being all impressive with my knowledge of TMBG ("oh, that was a movie, too, right? with George C. Scott and uh..." "Joanne Woodward" "yeah!"*) so I'm hoping we can go back there and I can look for more Talking Heads (and maybe Elvis Costello or some other bands, I dunno) records and talk to the guy more, and maybe if I go there enough the guy will tell me when they get Talking Heads stuff and I'll be all badass. Yes, that is my life dream.

*I was the second voice.
Heeeyyy. So, for one thing I forgot that I had this icon, but it sort of fits because I AM TIRED RIGHT NOW.
Things don't really happen in my life, though. At least, not eventful things that are worth sharing. I'm not saying, like "I hate my life," it's just mundane. Hmm...we visited Asbury Park recently. My mom took a picture of the They Might Be Giants sign, and we are trying to look into the availability of the posters they have. According to the Stone Pony website, at least the last time I checked, which was a while ago, there's no word on the opener, but the attendees the night before will receive FREE TACOS. So they better save some for us.
You know, I really don't know what to expect at the concert, I've never been to a non-family show.
I'm rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time BECAUSE I CAN.
I have a headache.
Have you ever heard of Mitch Hedberg? He's pretty incredible. I.e. "I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long" incredible, or "I once saw a forklift lift a crate of forks. And it was way to literal for me" incredible.


Um...Asbury Park

So I'm a-goin' to a TMBG show in June for my birthday. I really don't know why I'm telling the internets about it. I guess this is to make up for my pathetic excuse for an actual, physical journal that I think is sitting on some shelf somewhere, not even a quarter full. Maybe I'll cheat and copy these into it.
But I would have to abandon the line breaks.
ANYWAY, back to my johns-centric life.
We bought the tickets ages ago, because I was so fixed on them selling out really quickly. Of course, they haven't yet. I don't know why I thought that. I have this strange mindset that the things I like are really popular with other people these days, even if those people aren't the ones around me. This tends to be contrary to the case. There are like 20 days till the concert though, and my friends and I have been coming up with a parody-a-day, where we replace TMBG lyrics with the number of days remaining. My personal favorite is "Twenty-three days! HEYAH!" in true Minimum Wage fashion.
Oh, and I hope that Linnell doesn't get a haircut in the meantime. That would SPOIL MY BIRTHDAY.