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it's funny that i use this theme because i don't actually drink coffee

laugh, damn you

An Actual Worm
14 June 1996
i'm not that interesting!
accordions, beck, being a real worm, books, cheeses, converse, courage the cowardly dog, david byrne, elvis costello, faces, food, food network, free-reed aerophones, gastrophobia, generals and majors, glockenspiel, good eats, groovy things, harrowing early-90's tetris addictions, irides, john linnell's shoe selection, latin, listing people named "john", mandolin, melodica, nerdfighting, nintendo, not being shot, phonographs, ray bradbury, records, saxophone, simon and garfunkel, stripey shirts, talking heads, the dls hair, the ting tings, the velvet underground, things, thinking, tmbg, tmbw, tumblr, ukulele, vinyl stuff, wild gesticulation, words, xkcd